What is Twitter and How does it work? About Twitter

What is Twitter and How does it work? About Twitter - How to use twitter - Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service owned by an American company

What is Twitter and How does it work?

We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social networks. Twitter was created in 2006 by Jack Patrick Dorsey and quickly found many users. Twitter is a social network and microblogging service. A microblog is a type of blogging in which the number of characters is limited, And the person gives the concept to the audience with a short sentence.


What is the number of Twitter users and what is it like to tweet?

From its inception, Twitter quickly became a popular and widely used app. Twitter currently has more than 300 million active users worldwide and is used by major political, sports and artistic figures from around the world. Until 2017, each tweet contained 140 characters, after which this limit has been increased to 280 characters. If you are registered on Twitter, you can tweet, retweet and like, but if you are not registered, you can only view other people's tweets.

What is the use of Twitter and in what fields is it used more?

Twitter is a very effective social network in many jobs and professions as well as a tool for fast conversation. The most important uses of Twitter include the following:


Many journalists use Twitter because of its special and interesting features as well as its ease of information. Because they believe that Twitter is the fastest and most widely used social network for news.

Ability to quickly access events

Because so many people use Twitter, all events are tweeted quickly


Twitter is a source of interest and taste for users around the world, and as a result, large and commercial companies around the world collect and purchase users' tweets to find out their interests and desires.

Twitter is also used in educational, cultural, medical and other fields.


why do most politicians, athletes, artists and celebrities use Twitter?

They want to strengthen their sense of connection with their audience and can not find a better option than Twitter. Due to the limited number of characters, Twitter allows a person to tweet a short and useful text, For this reason, less useless sentences are used in tweets than other social networks.

What is a hashtag on Twitter and what does it do?

Hashtags are used in all social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And they have many uses And on Twitter, they are used to categorize different tweets. In fact, the main use of the hashtag is to search for that hashtag to find all the tweets related to that hashtag. In all social networks, hashtags make the user more visible to strangers, and many of them may become your new followers. If you want to tweet that is more visible, be sure to use the hashtag. Of course, it is better to use a maximum of 2 hashtags To make your tweet look good.

What is a retweet on Twitter?

Today, most of the world's greats and celebrities use Twitter And you may see tweets that you like daily and you may want to share them with your friends and followers. This is called retweeting. In fact, by retweeting, you want your followers to see that interesting or important tweet.On Twitter, you can like the content and posts you like, or share them with your friends, or follow the ones you like.

Every user who has registered on Twitter likes to have a large number of followers in order to achieve fame and popularity. There are many ways to increase followers on Twitter that can increase followers And attracted the audience.

1. Be active and tweet at different times of the day because our audience is online at different times. The small number of tweets and of course the large number of them will bore your audience

2. Talk about your expertise so your audience responds to your tweets

3. Use hashtags.To be seen more and attract more followers

4. Use attractive and interesting images and videos

5. Be sure to use live tweets

6. Poll and ask your followers to share it

7. React to tweets using likes and retweets

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