How to report a problem on Instagram? How to Contact Instagram?

Send report a problem on Instagram - Instagram report guide - Methods of sending reports to Instagram...

How to report a problem on Instagram?


What is an Instagram report? How to report violators on Instagram? To learn about the different methods of reporting accounts on Instagram , stay with ExtraFollower.

What is an Instagram report?

Report is a report sent by users to the Instagram manager. It means that the account in question is a violator, and if the number of these reports increases, the person's account will be temporarily disabled by Instagram, which means that he cannot like posts, leave comments, or follow anyone. After checking Instagram, if there is a problem, that account will be deleted, otherwise, that account will be returned to the first state.

How to send a report on Instagram:

Content report on Instagram is divided into 5 sections: profile report, post, story, direct message and comment.

Report post on Instagram:

1. First, open the post and click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner.

2. Select the Report option.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram2 3. At this stage of Instagram post report, two options will be displayed for you. If you select the Spam option, your report will be logged. But if you choose the Inappropriate option, you must explain your reason from the report of this post. For example, if the page is fake, you can choose the false information option.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-3 Story report on Instagram :

1. To report a story on Instagram, first open the desired story. Then click on the 3 dots icon.

2. Select the Report option.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-4 3. Tap on It's Inappropriate. Then, write the reason for your report, just like the method of reporting a post on Instagram.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-5Direct message report on Instagram :

1. To report a direct message on Instagram, touch and hold the message you want to report and select the Report option.

2. Select the reason for sending the report.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-6Report a comment on Instagram :

1. To report a comment on Instagram, touch and hold on the desired comment.

2. Touch the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-73. Click the Report this comment option. You can also use the option... Block, block the account related to that comment.

4. If you click the It's Spam option, the comment report on Instagram will be done successfully. But if you click on the It's inappropriate option, you must choose a specific reason to report the comment. Now again, like the post, story and direct message report method on Instagram, you need to specify the reason for sending the report.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-8Profile report on Instagram :

1. In the Instagram application, go to the desired account's profile page.

2. Click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. In the half-window that opens, select the Report option.

4. Click on the It's inappropriate option.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-95. Click the Report Account option.

6. To complete the report process on Instagram, choose one of the options as your reason for reporting this account.

How-to-report-a-problem-on-Instagram-10 When should we send a report to Instagram?

As mentioned, during the report of a post, comment, story and direct message on Instagram, you must specify a reason for sending the report. Failure to comply with any of Instagram's rules can be a reason for sending a report to Instagram. We will explain these reasons below:

Things to report to Instagram :

1. Nudity or sexual activity

If you see that an account on Instagram is spreading sexual or nudity content, you can report the desired account by Instagram by sending a report to Instagram.

2. Hate speech or symbols

If you see an account that destroys the personality of other people or organizations, this option will be suitable for sending a report on Instagram.

3. Violence or dangerous organizations

If you notice organizations operating dangerously and violently on Instagram, you can report it to Instagram for further investigation. Terrorist, fascist and... groups are examples of these organizations.

4. Sale of illegal or regulated goods

If you come across content that intends to buy and sell illegal goods through Instagram, you can inform Instagram about it by selecting this option.

5. Bullying or harassment

In order to maintain the peace of its users, Instagram has established rules to combat the harassment of its users. If you see annoying behavior from other users, you can report this using the report feature on Instagram.

6. Intellectual property violation

If a person publishes a work without the consent of the owner, he will face an Instagram report. For example, you can report copyrighted songs that are illegally published on Instagram.

7. Suicide, self-injury or eating disorders

The publication of such posts is harmful to the health of society and can cause many social problems. For this reason, Instagram asks its users to report it immediately if they see such content.

8. Scam or fraud

This option is also placed to prevent the activity of profiteers and fraudsters. Use this option to report scammers on Instagram.

9. False information

Instagram is against spreading rumors and fake news. For this reason, if you see such cases, you can report it to Instagram.

10. It’s posting content that shouldn’t be on Instagram

11. It's pretending to be someone else

12. It may be under the age of 13

13. I just don’t like it

14. Spam


How long does it take for Instagram to respond to a report?

Instagram usually takes between 24-48 hours to review a report. You will be able to see the progress of your reports on the Reports page, which can be found on the Support requests page.

What is the difference between report and action block on Instagram?

Do not confuse the Instagram report with the block or action block of Instagram!

If you have received the following message from Instagram, then read the article on getting to know the block and how to fix the Instagram action block - Unblock Instagram.

Action Blocked

This action was blocked. Please try

again later. We restrict certain content

and actions to protect our community.

Tell us if you think we made a mistake.



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