How to increase real followers on Instagram?

Ways to increase real likes and followers in 2022 - Get unlimited Instagram likes and followers - Promote all your social networks with us

How to increase real followers on Instagram?


Until a few years ago, anyone who looked at the Instagram page of businesses or influencers must have paid attention to the number of followers. Top followers were a good sign to build trust and increase sales on Instagram. This led to the creation of many applications and robots to increase followers.With these programs, you will have any number of followers overnight. Thanks to the strict strictness of Instagram, today everyone is looking to increase real followers on Instagram. In the following, we will describe the methods of attracting real followers.

Table of Contents

  • What is a real follower increase?

  • Generate relevant, engaging and relevant content

  • Interact with the user and hold exciting contests

  • Do not underestimate the ads on Instagram


What is a real follower increase?

A real follower should have the following characteristics:

  1. It follows you consciously and voluntarily, or it has reached you by search.

  2. Interacts well with you or your brand.

  3. Likes the content of your page; If your activity decreases, he will notice this issue.

  4. Reacts, likes or comments on your posts on Instagram.

Someone with these characteristics is your true follower. If you prefer to have this type of followers, pay attention to the following suggestions.The only way to get a real Instagram follower is to do targeted ads for your page, the efficiency of which depends on your page.One of the most experienced and best sites to increase real Instagram followers is . The ExtraFollower advertising team promotes your page with the best quality guarantee and targeted ads.


Generate relevant, engaging content :

Do not ignore these three easy words. The most important key to attracting true followers is to produce relevant content. Relevant content means that your identity is revealed to the audience and your page is considered as a reference.You can work in any field and be a reference. Specialized language reference, reference in the field of beauty, reference in sound imitation and….



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Your content should be engaging. To produce compelling content, it is best to know your audience. Age, gender, even city and country can be an important factor in creating compelling content. Turn your content into a targeted and realistic follower with attractive graphic templates or videos to suit your audience.

Generate content on a regular basis. This timeline is important for both the user and Instagram. You need to let the user know when you publish your content. You can use insight in your business account to choose the best time in terms of date and time of day.


Interact with the user and hold exciting contests :

Instagram posts are not displayed in chronological order as before. The more followers follow your post; Instagram also shows the post to others sooner. Creating interaction helps us to be better represented. Creating educational content, writing attractive and interactive captions, using emojis are the main ways to create interaction.One of the most interesting ways to create interaction is to hold a contest. Users are usually asked to do something in Instagram contests. For example, the user should share the post, like it or leave a comment.



Advertisements on Instagram :

If you own a business, then you must have thought about advertising on Instagram. These days, Instagram is the largest medium for displaying products and advertisements. Using advertising methods on Instagram will help you look purposeful and smart.


last word :


In this article, we talked about increasing real followers on Instagram. If we want to summarize the whole story in two words, these are two: good content, advertising. These two methods are strongly intertwined. If you have a good budget for advertising but your content can not attract the audience, your advertising will be ineffective. And if you have the right content but do not advertise, you may achieve your goals and objectives, but it will take a long time.

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