What is an Instagram shopping tag? Advantages of using it

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What is an Instagram shopping tag? Advantages of using it

Instagram-shopping-tag For some time now, Instagram has been offering features in its updates; Which is very effective in selling your brand products; One of these updates is the Instagram Store.The Instagram shopping tag feature was introduced in the United States in November 2016 and allows reputable brands and stores to put tags on products, such as price, brand, and links to more information about products. Result: By clicking on the tag of each product, you will enter the purchase section of that product.In the following, we will mention what is the Instagram shopping tag and how to activate it; Be with ExtraFollower.

Table of Contents :

What is an Instagram shopping tag?

Activation of Instagram shopping tag

Activate purchase tags for posts

Advantages of using Instagram shopping tag

What is an Instagram shopping tag?

One of the new features of Instagram that you have probably seen on foreign sites; Instagram shopping tag. People who have set up their Instagram accounts in European or American countries; They can use this tag on their posts. notice that:

1. Your Instagram account must be known by the Instagram Store Accounts section.

2. Keep your Instagram up to date.


Activation of Instagram shopping tag :

1. In the Instagram profile or Setting tab, select the Get Started tab

2. Select the Shopping tab

3. Select Continue and select the product that you want to appear in your business profile

4. Done

If you do not see Shopping under Business Setting, it is likely that your account does not have access to this feature; You can send a request to Instagram experts for this possibility.

How to activate purchase tags for posts :

1. Prepare the desired post with a description;

2. Put them in the product tags,

3. Select their name and select the Done option.

4. Now you can share it.

Benefits of using Instagram shopping tags :

Putting a price tag on Instagram has many advantages, the most important of which are increased sales, professionalism and also the provision of web content. Here are some features for you:

1. Shortening the online shopping process from Instagram

2. Ability to sell the product directly from Instagram

3. Ability to display a showcase of products on Instagram

4. Increase product sales

Activating an Instagram shopping tag may take a while, but it is very important for an online store. Given the benefits of shopping tags, you know the importance of shopping tags. So if you want to have a store with a professional look and different from competitors and increase your sales; Be sure to activate the price tag.

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