New Instagram Algorithm 2022: Why are the views and likes of Instagram posts reduced?

New updates in the Instagram algorithm - help your page to be more visible by knowing more about the Instagram algorithm


In 2022, many changes were made to Instagram's algorithm, which caused a lot of confusion. This algorithm seems to make it harder for your posts to be seen.In this article, we will describe how the Instagram algorithm will work in 2022 so that you can do good content production on Instagram with this algorithm and be able to expose your posts!be with ExtraFollower.

Table of Contents

How Instagram algorithms work

  • Instagram page communications

  • Instagram news feed

  • Users interest

  • Audiences activity


7 tips for working with the new Instagram 2022 algorithm

  • Continuous activity

  • Instagram Reels

  • hashtag

  • Post when the audience is online

  • Communicating with the audience

  • Instagram Analytics Tool

  • Instagram SEO


How Instagram algorithms work :

Publishing posts with appropriate captions and hashtags at regular intervals does not necessarily attract the audience. If you want to have good marketing on Instagram, you need to know what the new Instagram algorithm is? It's the Instagram algorithm that determines how posts are displayed to the user when they scroll through Instagram.Algorithms take into account data such as location and time, age, gender, personal interests (based on user searches) to get the job done; And rank the signals obtained according to priority. In this article, we will examine the ranking signals of the Instagram algorithm.



What are the ranking signals of the Instagram algorithm?


Instagram page communications :

New Instagram Algorithm takes into account all those who have been in contact with your page in the past and shows them your new posts and stories. Now, according to what criteria is the communication with the Instagram page determined? If a user has interacted with your page's previous posts in any way, such as liking, commenting, posting, saving, and… likely that your next posts will be displayed to them; will increase.In fact, the user must show that he is interested in the content of your page so that Instagram can show him the rest of the posts.

Instagram news feed :

The new Instagram algorithm, assuming that your new posts are very important; It will show them to all your audience. This means that whenever your audience is online, your new posts and stories will be fed to them. To make your post and story more visible to more people; It is better when your audience activity on Instagram is high; Publish them.

Users interest :

The main task of the new Instagram algorithm is to show users the post they are interested in and looking for. Instagram is trying to pay attention to the interests of its users like Google. Accordingly, it pays attention to whether the user is also interested in posts and accounts similar to your page while browsing Instagram.Instagram is much more likely to show your posts to users who have liked, commented on or saved posts with similar topics.


Audiences activity :

If you have followers who open their news feed 12 times a day, they are more likely to see all your new posts than people who check Instagram twice a day. People who do not regularly open their Instagram encounter a lot of content; Finally, they trust the new Instagram algorithm to choose what they see.

7 tips for working with the new Instagram 2022 algorithm :

Continuous activity :

If you are looking to increase the interaction and growth of your Instagram account; You have to publish posts and stories constantly. It is best to work on a daily basis; But if you do not have the conditions to publish posts and stories on a daily basis; You can publish 2 posts and 3 stories a week.


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Instagram Reels :

Recently a new episode has been added to Instagram called Reels, Instagram has copied this feature from TikTok; As before, it has successfully copied the story from SnapChat and IGTV from YouTube.It seems that according to the new Instagram algorithm, sharing 5 to 7 Reels per week will show your account to more people, which will increase the interaction of your page.


hashtag :

Users have been using hashtags on various platforms for years. Using the right hashtag in posts can help people find you, even if they have not followed you. Hashtags represent exactly what people are interested in. Using hashtags helps make your posts more visible.


Post when the audience is online :

Users spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Instagram, even in some areas it can be as long as a few hours. Choose the best time to publish your posts. Try to examine the behavior of your audience and identify what hours they are active on Instagram.


Communicating with the audience :


Get to know your target audience and see what they are looking for; Reply to all direct messages and comments; Post a highlight story of your brand description on your Instagram page. The more your followers interact with you, the more Instagram will show your account to people.


Instagram Analytics Tool :

Instagram is a great tool for analyzing audiences; If you only take the time once a month to check the tool; You get all the information your users need. The information that Instagram Analytics tool gives you is:

  • When are your followers online?

  • How effective hashtags have been.

  • Which posts have increased engagement?


Instagram SEO :

SEO on Instagram has tricks that should be in the order of your marketing strategies, you can also use what you know about SEO to increase the organic growth of your Instagram account. Look at Instagram as your search engine. This platform has its own search system and behaves like a Google mini.In the new Instagram algorithm, SEO has received a lot of attention, so be sure to pay attention to it. To learn about Instagram SEO, be sure to read the article related to Instagram SEO.


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