How to fix Instagram action block In less than 5 minutes [2022]?

Remove Instagram Action Block Error - Fix Instagram action block - The best way to fix Instagram action block error in 2022

How to fix Instagram action block In less than 5 minutes [2022]?


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that has more than 1 billion followers worldwide. Instagram has established a series of rules to regulate these audiences, if the user does not follow the rules, his account will be blocked. If you can't like photos, If you cannot comment or follow someone, your account has been blocked by Instagram. But don't worry, you can unblock your account in a few minutes with the following methods. Stay with us to learn how to fix Instagram action block error ?

In this article, we will teach you how to fix the " Try Again Later, we restrict certain activities to protect our community " error . It means your account is temporarily blocked on Instagram.but why? What are the reasons for blocking my account? and How to unblock my Instagram account?

Fix-Instagram-action-blocked-2 What are the reasons for the Instagram report? Why is the Instagram action block error displayed for me?

Before introducing ways to fix the Instagram action block error, let's examine this problem from different angles to get to the root of this problem and prevent it from happening again. However, the reasons for the Instagram action block error are as follows:

1. Non-compliance with the copyright of different users

2. Get blocked by different users

3. Dissemination of spam and unauthorized advertising posts

4. Send a large number of direct messages to users

5. Unfollowing a large number of users in one day

6. Exceeding the posting limit during the day

7. Failure to comply with Instagram rules

8. Your name matches with the user account that has a blue tick

9. Follow lots of users in one day

10. Publication of posts with negative emotional load and against human rights

The above cases are among the common causes of action block on Instagram, which many users have faced, and if you encounter this problem on this social network, it will naturally be one of these cases that are not normal factors in general and indicate a problem. which you should follow up to solve the problem by using it.


To fix Instagram action block error, do the following :

1. Clear the cache on your Instagram app

Sometimes all you need to fix Instagram block is to clear the cache of the Instagram app, just follow the steps below and clear the cache of the app.

iPhone : Settings / General / iPhone Storage / Scroll down and select Instagram App / Select "Delete App"


android : Settings / Apps / Apps / Scroll down and select Instagram App / Storage / Select "Clear Cache"

Fix-Instagram-action-blocked-52. Delete the App and reinstall the latest version

If you're having trouble with your Instagram or Facebook apps, you can uninstall and reinstall the apps from the App Store, and logging back in will fix your problems. Sometimes Instagram action block error is also fixed with this.

3. Contact the help Instagram center

Be sure to fill out a form on Instagram’s official help page:

Explain that you are experiencing issues with your account and let them know you’re unable to like, comment, make reels, et cetera (whatever your issue is).

Also, using Instagram's internal functionality, you can ask Instagram support to unblock your user account. For this, enter the Instagram app and enter the Instagram settings from the profile page. On this page, select an option called Help, in the next step, select the report a problem option. Write your problem on the opened page and press the Submit button.

Fix-Instagram-action-blocked-6 4. Contact the Instagram and Facebook Business pages

Many people do not see this method as a solution to fix Instagram action block error. But you can send a message to the official support of Instagram and Facebook. In most cases, it takes between 24 and 48 hours to get a response, if you are a lucky person, you may be connected to a live representative and support and you can discuss your problems with him.

Here’s how to get in contact with Facebook or Instagram support:


5. Change your account email and phone number

Sometimes, by changing the email and phone number of the account (updating the Private information section), you can fix the Instagram action block error. To do this, you need to enter your profile and select the Edit your profile option. Now you can edit your phone number and email in the Private information section. After changing the email or phone number, a message containing a link will be sent, which you must click on and confirm the new email and phone number.

6. Not repeating the offense and passing the suspension period

During the time you are blocked, try not to commit a violation or do anything that is against the rules of Instagram. If none of the above solutions work, you should wait until your block period ends and your Instagram account is unblocked.


7. Change your Instagram account from a personal to a business page (and vice-versa)

Changing from a personal page to a business or a creator page has also fixed the action block for people.


Once you switch your Instagram account to a personal page… you lose your analytics from your account and you start fresh again when you switch back. If you’re trying this tactic… be sure you have tried everything else discussed in this article first.

8 . There is a tested method that has been successfully implemented in many cases. Fix the Instagram action block error in less than 5 minutes with this method:

In the first step, you must run the Instagram application and enter the profile section. Click on the Edit Profile option and if you have written anything in the biography, website, name, profile and summary sections, you must delete all of them. After doing this, if you have a profile picture, delete it and do not put any picture on your account until all the steps are completed.

Instagram-action-blocked-Error In the second step, you should open the app settings section and log out your account (this option is at the end of the settings list). Note that you must remember your account password before doing this so that you don't get into trouble later.

Instagram-action-blocked-Error-1 In the third step, disconnect your connection to the global Internet network and restart your mobile phone. After turning on the phone, just connect your internet again, run Instagram, log in to your account and that's it!! Your action block problem is completely solved!

It takes less than 5 minutes to do this and you can easily solve your Instagram action block problem. This method has been successfully tested on several different devices; However, it's possible that even this method won't fix your problem, but considering the little time you'll spend doing this, it's worth a try.

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