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How to become a successful YouTuber?

How to become a YouTuber

YouTube is a video sharing platform that has become very popular. It allows users to upload and share their own content.With the development of YouTube and its growing popularity among the public, producing content on YouTube is not just for entertainment but also for revenue. Under these circumstances, making money from YouTube is not so easy for everyone to earn according to their mental criteria!

To make money from YouTube, you need to become a YouTube user or YouTuber.But the question is how to become a YouTuber? This article consists of two parts; The first part is suitable for beginners in the field of YouTube and the second part is suitable for professionals. Join us to learn how to become a YouTuber and answer the question "How to become a successful YouTube user".

Table of Contents :

1. The path of YouTube and becoming YouTuber

2. How to become a YouTuber? For beginners

Serious goal

Specific topic


Continuous activity

research and invastigation

SEO and video optimization

Promote video

3. Learn how to become a YouTuber (For professionals):

Make Money From Advertising

Selling products

Get membership from subscribers

Super Chat and Super Sticker

Earnings from YouTube Premium

The path of YouTube and becoming YouTuber :

To make money from YouTube videos, you have to provide the basic conditions before doing anything. Making money from a YouTube channel requires registering with a partner program. After registering, YouTube will check the channel and check it for views and followers.After producing quality content and earning YouTube terms, you will earn dollars for every 1000 YouTube views.

How-to-become-a-YouTuber1 How to become a YouTuber? For beginners :

1. Serious goal

If you want to get serious about YouTube, you have to set a goal. Interest in content production is not a compelling reason to become a YouTuber ! Serious activity requires a serious goal. Be sure to write down your goals and produce content accordingly. For example, if your main job is to design and develop a website, your goal could be to sell business packages or make money from YouTube in the future. Note that if you do not have a serious goal to work on YouTube; Once the initial excitement subsides, your desire to produce content and become a YouTuber will diminish to zero.

2. Specific topic

One of the most important tips for becoming a YouTuber is to choose a specific topic for your YouTube channel. You must state your position; In what field do you want to promote the channel? Topics such as gaming, makeup, sports, music and art are good choices. Be sure to remember that many people work in these fields and the competition is fierce. But the secret to success on YouTube is choosing a very small topic that is a subset of one of the main topics. for example :

main subject : Sport    >>>  Intermediate subject : Volleyball   >>>  small topic : Training for beginners

3. Quality

One of the most important issues in producing content for YouTube is video quality. If you pay a little attention to your taste and mood, you will find that a quality video is more effective than a low quality video. Try to pay close attention to the following two points in editing your videos:

Image quality: Editing high-resolution videos has a positive effect on the viewer psychologically for various reasons.

Sound quality: Before releasing the video, be sure to mute the sound that is played on it. Noise noise causes the audience to focus only on what is being said, which means a great return for the channel owner. Adobe Audition can be mentioned as one of the best noise-canceling software.


4. Continuous activity

YouTube values channels that upload video continuously. Usually at the beginning of your activity on YouTube, the desire to produce and upload videos is very high and you may even upload a few videos a day. But if you do not have a serious goal, your activity on YouTube will gradually decrease and you may not even be active anymore.In response to "How to become a YouTuber" we have to say, upload a video a week to get started; To get acquainted with the work routine.

5. research and investigation

One of the acquired talents that a content creator should acquire is familiarity with YouTube SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means making it easier for search engines and people looking for your video to identify your audience.A YouTuber should take steps to make his YouTube video visible. For example, in video posts, it should use the right hashtags; Or the title of the video post should be such that it is both attractive and a typical YouTube user can type it to access the content they want.

6. Promote video

Another very important point to become a YouTuber is to promote the video so that different people can see it. If you think you can get good views by creating and uploading videos and searching for users, you are sorely mistaken!YouTube algorithm is such that in the first 24 hours of video upload, it checks the number of likes, comments, views and shares on other social networks, and accordingly, offers the video to more users; To increase likes, views, comments and YouTube followers, you can use the main and reputable servers such as .


You can also do the following to promote more YouTube videos:

Share part of the video on other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Invite users to watch the video using email.

Put the video in your website posts.

Share the video on Telegram channels.

Learn how to become a YouTuber (For professionals):

After studying how to become a YouTuber for beginner users and get the answer to the question, how to become a YouTuber? Using the following points; You can earn dollars from your YouTube channel. Producing good content on YouTube and paying enough attention to the points mentioned is the key to your success in this field! Stay with us.

1. Make Money From Advertising

Once you reach the minimum YouTube requirements, you can earn money through the number of ad hits. All you have to do is log in to your YouTube Studio account and submit your request for monetization. YouTube will review your request; Whether the content is produced in accordance with its rules and principles or not.This process may take a month; After approval by YouTube, you can place ads in your videos. In general, you can place an ad every minute of the video.

Of course, YouTube may not show all the ads to users. For videos less than 10 minutes, you can only place one ad; So producing longer videos equals more advertising, more advertising equals more dollar revenue!

Note: If a user uses ad blocker or YouTube Premium, you will not be paid to visit it. Skippable ads are also counted for you when the user watches it for at least 30 seconds, if he rejects the ad in the first few seconds, you will lose the amount of that visit.

2. Selling products

Other tips for becoming a YouTuber for professionals include selling the product. If you have a plan or product for sale; You can easily expose them to customers. All you have to do is create a landing page and activate your partner's YouTube product shelf from the monetization section and advertise your products in videos, so that users from YouTube are directed to your product cart.

3. Get membership from subscribers

Other features that YouTube provides to YouTubers ; That is, you can charge subscribers for certain benefits. You can create special content for them. YouTubers usually make videos about their behind-the-scenes or personal life available to paid users;Or you can give users a special badge; In this way, when users comment, a medal-like address is placed next to their avatar. And creating custom stickers and emojis is another thing you can do.

How to increase YouTube channel subscriptions?

YouTube channel membership is $ 4.99 per month. Of course, you can define several levels for your users and increase the amount based on the benefits you offer. YouTube charges 30% for each membership fee; And your share of each membership fee is 70%.

How-to-become-a-YouTuber2 4. Super Chat and Super Sticker

When you interact with users live (YouTube live stream), your subscribers can pin their sticker or chat with a specific color and for a certain amount of time at the top of the screen for a fee. As a rule, the more you pay (from $ 1 to $ 500), the longer your chat will be pinned.Activation of SuperChat is done from the same part of monetization in YouTube Studio. YouTube's share of Superchat, just like membership fees, is 30%.

5. Earnings from YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid version of YouTube. This means that users in this version can watch and download their favorite videos on a monthly basis for $ 12 without the hassle of ads.Premium YouTube does not display ads, so you can not earn any money from ads.But YouTube has put a way for users to make money in this version;Since all of your videos are also displayed on Premium, YouTube pays you 55% of the premium monthly membership fee for the number of views and downloads.

How to become a YouTuber? YouTuber Training : The Last Word

YouTube is a great platform for earning dollars. One of the main questions for YouTube users; 'How to become a YouTuber or 'How to become a YouTuber '. You can become a successful YouTuber by producing the right content for YouTube and following these tips.But keep in mind that success in any activity requires a lot of patience and effort.

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